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Sandy Beach

The Healing of Consciousness Courses


Course I:

Layers of Life

The layers of life

Understand the layers of your life that allow you to activate your true unique power, transcend your limitations, and bring back your confidence, passion, and joy with a clear vision of your best self.


This course is based on this concept of layers of life and offers tools and practices to address any area of imbalance in our lives. It is a 5,000-year-old consciousness-based system of healing. The ancient wisdom is to help us return to our natural state of health, balance, and wholeness. The primacy of consciousness offers powerful practices that can help us change the qualities of our life to create health and balance in our mind-body system. 

Consciousness is the source of all our experiences, including our sensations, images, feelings, thoughts, imagination, creativity, perceptions, insight, and intuition.

Three layers of the mind

The mind has three basic layers - inner, intermediate, and outer. We will learn about the levels of the mind.

  1. The inner mind consists of the deep core of feeling and knowing. It holds the tendencies that we carry deep inside ourselves and many never express or come to grips with in our outer lives.

  2. The outer mind is an art of the mind dominated by sense and emotions in which we ordinary function on a daily basis, gathering impressions and acting in the outer world.

  3. The intermediate mind is our capacity to bring outer impressions to the inside and inner tendencies to the outside.

The learning is to help you with removing obstacles and nourishing each one so you can experience your higher selves. True health is the integration of your many dimensions — physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Our human body is a dynamic river of energy, information, and intelligence that constantly is renewing itself and is in exchange with the larger field of energy, information, and intelligence in the universe. 


Body, Mind, Soul Focus On Increasing Energy

✓ Sound Healing, Quantum Jumping Meditation

✓ 6-Month Of Coaching

✓ 12-Live Video Coaching Sessions

 Accountability with open mind people

✓ Bonding Community Support

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