About Zenquency Healing

Zenquency Healing is a non-profit organization that teaches self-love and lifelong self-healing. Our program helps with panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, insomnia, and self-confidence.

Are You Struggling With Anxiety, Stress, Trauma, Or Depression?

We Are Here To Help You With Your Struggles And Challenges In Life

We understand what you're going through and we want to help.

Zenquency Healing is utilizes ancient spiritual philosophy and the art of sound healing, meditation, Ayurveda, and Somatic therapy to help create a life of peace and fulfillment.

Our program teachings including self-awareness and self-healing for our body, mind, and spirit deepens the practice of inner wisdom.

With daily spiritual practices such as Zenquency meditation, we can feel more confident, loved, heard, connected, and appreciated in our world.

Join us on this journey to find lasting peace and happiness.

Six Keys Of The Zenquency Coaching Program

Discover Your True Identity And Unleash Your Full Potential

Meet Your Coach 

Riya Wang
➡️ Certified Chopra Life Coach  
➡️ Certified Chopra Teacher  
➡️ Certified Chopra Ayurveda educator  
➡️ Certified State Of California Sound Healing Therapy  
➡️ Transformation Healing Podcast Host  
➡️ International Bestselling Author - Awakened Leaders    

Founder of Zenquency Art Of Healing, a Certified Chopra Life Coach. Transformation Healing Mentor.  
After 25 years in the health wellness spa business, in 2018, Riya sold her business, house, sold everything she owned. She went on a journey to discover her soul's purpose. She spent two and half years solo traveling to 30s countries and over 100s cities to explore and share how healing changed our lives profoundly.    

With her worldwide study, she creates a life-changing healing technique to transcendence ourselves with body, mind, and soul alignment. Her teaching include Sound Healing, Meditation, Somatic Bodywork, and Energy Healing.