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Zenquency Temple

Are you struggling with anxiety, stress, trauma, or depression?

We understand what you're going through and we want to help. Zenquency Temple is a non-profit organization that utilizes ancient spiritual philosophy and the art of Sound Healing, Meditation, Ayurveda, and Somatic Therapy to help create a life of peace and fulfillment. Our program teachings including self-awareness and self-healing for our body, mind, and spirit deepens the practice of inner wisdom.


With daily spiritual practices such as Zenquency Meditation, we can feel more confident, loved, heard, connected, and appreciated in our world. Join us on this journey to find lasting peace and happiness.

Six Keys of the Zenquency Coaching Program

  • Energizes and sharpens the mind.

  • Refreshes the mind, body, and soul.

  • Establish the balance in life between love, career, and health.

  • Provides tools to deal with stress and other challenges at work and home.

  • Changes old patterns of behaviors, habits, and ways of thinking and connecting with a better self.

  • Provides clarity and helps open the mind to new ideas ......helps open the mind to collaborate and improve relations with others.


Your generosity allows us to make a real impact, providing education, hope, and access to support for individuals and communities."

Together, we can extend our influence, share our wisdom, and offer more people the assistance they deserve."

Join us in our mission to extend our sphere of influence, educate and empower, and bring aid to communities in need.

Discover your personal frequency blueprint - YOUR SOUL TONE

The human energy system is mirrored with the planets at the moment of our birth. The sequence of sounds produced by the planets creates our own individual ‘voice print.’ The 'voice print’ is a blueprint of forces and patterns. Our body is our own symphonic instrument. This sequence of sound is known as our natal pattern and it is unique to each person. It's associated with different energies.


Find the missing tone of your voice vibration. It has the power to heal you from stress, depression, trauma, and destructive mental and emotional patterns.

Discover your personal mantra and find inner peace. Shift your life with the power of sound! This will help you live in harmony with your true self and the universe's vibration. 

The Journey Of Unlocking Your Personal Resonance To Your Full Potential Now


Join me for a Deep Conversation on my Tuesday Podcast 

"Transformation Healing"

Podcast Banner.png

Are you looking for real-life stories of

transformation, wisdom, and knowledge?

    Join the Transformation Healing podcast show with host Riya Wang. Our guests from all over the world are here to share their inspiring stories about how Healing has transformed who they are today. They will be revealing tools and ideas that can help you move forward in your own life.

   You don’t have to feel stuck or helpless anymore!

   Through this podcast, you can hear real personal stories and gain valuable insight into how others embarked on their transformation journey – plus get tips for transforming yourself too!

   Listen now as we explore Transformational Healing together so you can start your journey toward personal growth today!

Podcasts are now available on:


iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and other major podcast platforms.


Also available on YouTube. Watch Now.

For more resources, follow Transformation Healing on Facebook and Instagram.

learning about yourself

Discover Your Uniques Mind-Body Type With Our Quiz!

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"Life-changing experience"

"Working with my incredible coach Riya has been a life-changing experience. The first session alone was enough to stop my recurring panic attacks, and even though it's ongoing work on the anxiety that remains, I'm feeling more confident and self-love than ever before. It’s truly inspiring how much progress can be made when you put in time for yourself – I wouldn't have thought this level of transformation was possible!" - Tracy

"Awesome experience"

"You have this energy about yourself that brings others to feel more comfortable to be able to share themselves with you. And the other two sessions that we did. I was a little apprehensive just because a little bit about my childhood. It wasn't the best. It was very traumatizing for me. But having you there and coaching me through it. And helping me open up emotionally just feel vulnerable and let it be okay than a invulnerable was an awesome experience that I got from you. I will do it again because you just tend to bring out. You wanna bring out the best of people." - Charlie

"Peace to your inner self."

"Riya’s energy its a must you wanna have her your life because she’s pure joy, she’s pure light and it will inspire you towards the positive. She will help you to connect with your own source and she will help you to bring peace to your inner self. I can also talk about the way she guided me into a meditation where I was basically transported. And once I connected to my intuition. And now I will keep that picture in my heart forever. Everytime I meet peace. I'm gonna remember her meditation. So I strongly recommend her as your coach for getting that positive energy that is so important to have in your life." - Maricel

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